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Created Mar 4th, 2022 - Executed Mar 9th, 2022




Author(s) @naoufel


Launch of an experimental Analytics Working Group (AWG) within the DAO to support our growth, define further and execute the Data Strategy as proposed below by @naoufel .


Inverse has now entered a phase of rapid growth and is expanding its activities in several areas. In order to sustain this growth, Inverse DAO committees and WG members (Growth, Marketing, Treasury…) need to rely on accurate, fit-to-need data, as well as user-friendly analytical systems to operate at full efficiency.


The analytics department would brand itself as a customer-oriented area, in charge of providing the data and tools critical to Inverse different business areas operations and to ensure its transparency. The objective of this WG will be to define further and develop Inverse DAO Data Strategy.


As it stands there are no protocol data sources and DAO members or third parties have to rely on external data providers (Etherscan, Dune) where the data is not fully available, extractable and the reports not customizable.

On the other hand, we do not have unified tools to measure our influence on social media and adapt our strategy or communication accordingly.

Moving Forward

After comparing the solutions available on the market this proposal offers to investigate further and develop the possibility of using Google Data Studio combined with The Graph to ensure our systems rely on powerful and decentralized infrastructures (a mock-up version is available here : https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/cb58a483-78a0-4f08-9625-25ea42a2bd12 or https://inverse.finance/analytics/ ).

The Graph would provide the infrastructure for a decentralized indexing solution and would allow us to make our data available through a GraphQL API. This latter element is critical in incentivizing other protocols to integrate us by providing them with an in-house and easy to use data source. At the same time it will provide a robust distributed framework to prevent data outages from infura or other data providers. Google Data Studio would provide us with a powerful Data engine (Google BigQuery) combined with customization and web integration capabilities never seen anywhere else in the data industry allowing us to share and organize our data at once.

On the Public Relation and Marketing side many social media (Google Analytics, Twitter, Linkedin…) already provide APIs or direct integration solutions that are accessible by Google Data Studio and could be integrated seamlessly together with on-chain metrics.

Dune Analytics is to remain a DAO tool for our analytics due to its flexibility, but should be used rather on ad-hoc requests or urgent and specific data needs (as for Risk Management) than on periodical reporting. It should not be reflected anymore in official communications.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Follow up with the development of the current subgraph developed by Compound and forked by @naoufel, integrate financial reporting into a new interface,
  • Integrate social media data to the DAO strategy and make it available into a new interface,
  • Assist DAO members in periodical reporting efforts, answer ad-hoc data requests,
  • Continuously follow up with others DAO areas activities, improve current and develop new fit-to-need metrics and solutions,
  • Research data and deliver insights.


@naoufel, @karm , DAO members interested in contributing can get in contact directly.

Budget & Execution

The budget for this proposal is 17,340 DOLA broken down as follows :

  • 2,340 DOLA to compensate @naoufel in order to account for the Dune premium passed costs (390 $ / month x 6 months of which 4 are already incurred)

  • 5,000 DOLA to market buy around 10,000 GRT tokens, 50 to 75% of this amount would be dedicated to ‘signaling’ The Graph and influence on-chain indexing politics. The remainder of this amount would be used as a first batch to pay for the query fees as well as provide our users with an API key to query on this subgraph, allowing us to promote full transparency to other protocols and users. Besides, this amount invested would be withdrawable and can constitute a DAO investment onto The Graph infrastructure. Context : the current amount of 1,000 GRT signaling the graph has been provided by @naoufel when initiating the subgraph but is not important enough to get the data indexed widely. Some outages occurred when testing and we had to directly contact some indexers to get the data online. This can not happen when in production.

  • 5,000 DOLA (2,500 $ / 3 weeks x 2) to temporarily recruit @mayurch in order to get the subgraph updated and running in a short amount of time. The estimated schedule would be a 2-3 weeks development sprint followed/intertwined with a 2-3 weeks testing, query building and analytics design where @naoufel would also play a part (advise, testing, query and analytics page building). This amount is requested twice in case we need to lock @Mayurch again in the short time frame due to increasing requirements. Context : The Graph uses GraphQL, which is not a database language but rather client-to-middleware language. This means we do need a developer comfortable with not only TypeScript to build schemas, but also with the Graph infrastructure to help us ensure a good basis to a long term data source while minimizing updates and bugs.

  • 5,000 DOLA in order to compensate spontaneously DAO members contributing to the task of the Analytics working group

  • Any unspent budget (INV/DOLA /ETH) will be returned to the Inverse Treasury.

This proposal is meant to be a 90-day experiment for the AWG, with regular updates to the DAO on our progress and, if we are successful in meeting our objectives, will post a follow-on proposal as we approach the 90 day mark.

ACTIONS : DOLA approve funding 15,000 to 0xFDa9365E2CDf21d72cb0dc4F5FF46F29e4aC59CE from Rewards committee or future Treasury working group. DOLA send 2340 to 0xFDa9365E2CDf21d72cb0dc4F5FF46F29e4aC59CE from Rewards committee or future Treasury working group.


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