Proposal to Extend Funding for Analytics Working Group Operations

#107 - mills ERA

Created May 9th, 2023 - Executed May 14th, 2023




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The AWG has been operating successfully for the past months, and its services have been essential in providing important insights into the DAO’s operations. The previous proposal from the Mills era in June 2022 (Proposal 52) 1 supported the AWG’s activities for six months, which is now followed up with this new proposal.

This proposal seeks to cover costs for the Analytics Working Group (AWG) for the period of January to June 2023. The funding will be used to sustain the AWG’s critical functions, which include providing dashboards and key metrics on Inverse and other protocols’ markets, user website interactions, an alerting system and automated twitter posts.

However, the AWG’s funding has been delayed, and this proposal aims to :

  1. Refund @Naoufel for incurred costs from January to April and,
  2. Secure funding for the months of May and June 2023


The AWG’s primary objective is to provide valuable analytics services to the DAO, including dashboards and metrics. The AWG has been transitioning its alert system to an App that would allow the RWG and TWG treasury teams to build their own alerts without depending on the AWG’s technical expertise should the need arise.

This transition has incurred additional costs, including a Quicknode premium subscription ($299/month) and backend, frontend, and database hosting services (now on Digital Ocean instead of Google).

The AWG has also been working on an in-house data analytics platform that works very alike Dune but is able to leverage Dune API endpoint as well as other data sources in order to build more integrated dashboards and reports.

Finally, the AWG plans to remunerate external contributions to its activities and consultancy fees, such as those from The Graph and ad-hoc analysts or contributors helping to build the documentation.

This proposal includes an amount that can be used to pay for these services (2,000 DOLA /month of operation on average). Any unused DOLA will remain in the treasury.


Naoufel is currently pending the following refunds :

January 2023 Google $ 317.16

January 2023 QuickNode $ 299.00

February 2023 Google $ 112.84

February 2023 QuickNode $ 299.00

March 2023 QuickNode $ 299.00

March 2023 Digital Ocean $ 269.63

April 2023 Quicknode $ 299.00

April 2023 Digital Ocean $ 565.59

An accounting error has been spotted while closing the previous budget and$ 351.95 needs to be substracted from the total, carrying the total refund to $ 2,109.27


While the previous months have requested a high server load to test and deploy the applications mentionned above, the forecasted infrastructure expenses without taxes for the coming months are the following :

Provider/Type/Project/App Name/Monthly Cost excl. taxes

Digital Ocean Database inverse-redash db-redis-redash 30$

Digital Ocean Database inverse-redash db-postgresql-inverse-redash 15$

Digital Ocean Database inverse-watch db-postgresql-inverse-watch 120$

Digital Ocean App inverse-twitter-alerts inverse-twitter-alerts 25$

Digital Ocean App inverse-coingecko-alerts inverse-coingecko-alerts 25$

Digital Ocean App inverse-redash inverse-redash-scheduler 12$

Digital Ocean App inverse-redash inverse-redash-frontend 50$

Digital Ocean App inverse-redash inverse-redash-backend 50$

Digital Ocean App inverse-watch backend 25$

Digital Ocean App inverse-watch frontend 12$

Dune Analytics/API - 399$

QuickNode RPC inverse-watch 299$

This would carry total AWG infrastructure cost to $ 1,049/month ($ 1,105 with taxes).

The AWG is planning to reactivate the Dune analytics subscription since the Dune team has rolled out a major revamp of their subscription plan. For context, we decided to stop to use the paid plan in |November when they increased the price from 390$ to 420$ while lowering functionnalities accessible to the same tier. The new 399$ plan is now including about 2,500 API calls that we can use on the top of their platform to integrate the report we are building with it to our infrastructure.

Monthly Cost Forecast

Infrastructure : $ 1,105 / month = $ 2,210

Contributions : $ 2,000 / month = $ 4,000

Refund : $ 2,109

Previous budget : ($ 858)

DOLA Allowance Requested : $ 7,461


The current structure of the AWG multisig operation will not change. @Karm, @Cryptoharry, and @Naoufel will remain as signers.


858 DOLA are remaining from proposal 52 funding request, they have been subtracted from the current total.

Currently the AWG multisigs holds more than 9,000 GRT tokes remaining from proposal 52 which would allow the service to continue undisrupted after end-June. No additional amount to market buy GRT is requested for the time being.


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