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Positive Sum Rewards Token

Inverse Plus will bring revenue sharing and accelerated rewards to INV stakers

Earn Continuous Staking Rewards

Purchase INV at a substantial discount by depositing your Sushi or Curve liquidity pool tokens on Olympus Pro.

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What is Inverse Plus?

Inverse Plus adds new features to the INV governance token with new revenue sharing and higher staking rewards.

How do continuous Rewards work?

Staking INV on Frontier delivers additional INV rewards with each new mined Ethereum block, approximately 6,400 times per day with a current APY of 100% and max of 500%.

How do Revenue Sharing Rewards work?

Revenue Sharing Rewards are designed to encourage long-term staking of INV and as the DOLA stablecoin reaches certain circulation milestones, a share of DOLA lending revenue is shared with all INV stakers according to the length of staking time.

Where can I learn more about Inverse Plus?

Check out our FAQ


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