Polygon welcomes DOLA as Inverse and Satin Exchange team up!


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Inverse Finance is proud to announce that we have been selected as launch partners for Satin Exchange, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker launching soon on Polygon that provides efficient token swaps and deep liquidity for stablecoins and other assets. Inverse will receive an expiring veNFT representing 1% of $SATIN initial token supply, which provides valuable initial support as we make our entrance into the Polygon chain. 

This partnership represents an important milestone for Inverse, as it will also bring about DOLA’s debut on Polygon, and enables us to expand our presence and reach in the rapidly growing and high TVL chain. Inverse joins a distinct cohort of launch partners including Frax Finance, QiDAO, Sphere Protocol, Ankr Staking, LiquidDriver, Lido Finance, and more. Each will bring liquidity, users, and utility to a thriving ecosystem.

Satin Exchange & Stabl.fi

Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, Velodrome, and Thena, Satin Exchange, at its core, is a solution for protocols on Polygon to properly incentivize liquidity for their own use cases and earn protocol revenue in the process. Satin is the latest solidly fork ve(3,3) DEX that brings about the typical stable swaps and variable swap, veNFTs, gauges, and voting… but with a few twists. Most notably, the integration of a yield-bearing stablecoin, $CASH, into LPs and veNFT. $CASH, issued by sister protocol Stabl Labs and native to Polygon, will be used as the base token in most pairs and holds the following properties:

  • Fully collateralized: For every $CASH in circulation, there is stablecoin collateral ($USDT, $USDC, $DAI) backing it.

  • Organic yield generating: Assets deposited to mint $CASH are utilized on chain to generate organic yield.

  • Stable indexcoin: $CASH is a stable indexcoin that is pegged to an approved basket of stable assets. The goal of this indexcoin is to allow investors to gain exposure to dynamic yielding opportunities of the supported collaterals on-chain without having to manage it's underlying assets.

Other notably improvements to Solidly present in Satin include:

  • Trading with $CASH has 50% discounted trading fees

  • Low fees Stable 0.01% / Volatile 0.2%

  • 4pool ($USDC/$USDT/$DAI/$CASH) for deeper stable liquidity

  • Autobribes built in the $CASH pairs

  • veSatin has a variable lock period 1day-365days

  • $SATIN has a max supply

  • $SATIN is only veToken with treasury established to do nothing but buyback 

  • $SATIN/$CASH - tokens taken off market, deeper liquidity, higher cash yields for holders

  • $SATIN has a 2% decay

DOLA is on Polygon!

As of this writeup, DOLA has been officially whitelisted on Polygon’s native bridge, allowing a safe, secure, and battle tested solution for holders looking to bridge funds from Ethereum mainnet. 

We see this as an opportune time to deploy DOLA on the chain. The progress and adoption of Polygon has been impressive, and it is likely to continue to grow and evolve in the coming years. Polygon offers a unique combination of features and capabilities that are attractive to users and developers, and it is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for DeFi applications and services. In Satin, Inverse will gain access to a network of protocols and builders on Polygon, and be supported as we drive early DOLA adoption on Polygon by building out our first LP: DOLA-CASH. 

Looking Forward

We are excited to be working with Satin Exchange as launch partners, and we believe that this partnership will help us to continue to grow DOLA and evolve as a leading DeFi player.

In the coming months, we will be working closely with Satin to integrate DOLA with their platform and to further expand DOLA on Polygon. We will also be exploring other opportunities and collaborations that will enable us to continue to innovate and to drive INV and DOLA adoption and growth.

Click here and here to learn more about Satin Exchange and Stabl Labs.



Risk Working Group

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