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The Inverse Finance DAO is excited to introduce to you a redesign of the Inverse Finance Website along with the new Telegram App, which gives you some nifty tools to enhance your DeFi experience.

A Reimagined UI

A screenshot depicting the new user interface for Inverse Finance DAOs app.

With the help of the talented Slokh, The Inverse Finance website is completely redesigned to offer a polished user interface. The sleek purple and black design showcases the Inverse Finance brand while also allowing for usability in mind. You can easily access your anchor positions and your borrow limit is listed right above to help you manage your risk.

Another major change to the UI is the Governance page. With the new governance design, you can see active proposals, recent proposals, voting results, and current delegation with ease. Take a look here.

A screenshot depicting the new governance user interface for Inverse Finance DAOs new app.

Introducing the Inverse Companion App

A gif depicting three mobile phones with the Inverse Finance DAO telegram report displayed.

Another new addition to the user experience is the Inverse Companion Telegram app, an app that shows you live stats, tracks your anchor positions, and allows you to set up pre-liquidation alerts to keep your funds safu.

Here is an example of what the Inverse Companion app can do.

A screenshot depicting the telegram app displaying the Inverse Finance DAO report.

Inverse Companion will be expanded with more features in the future, and it will support all protocols that integrate with Inverse DAO products. This includes Scream FinanceRari Capital, and all future partners. Try out the new website and app and let us know what you think!

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