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Inverse Finance DAO is excited to introduce our new front-end developer Massis Orer. The following is a brief interview with Massis.

Nice to meet you Massis. We are excited to have you on board the Inverse DAO. Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hi nice to meet you ! My name is Massis. I have been a fullstack web developer for around 10 years now and was interested in the crypto space since 2017.

In 2020, I started using DeFi very frequently and did a Gitcoin Hackathon about the Arweave blockchain. I really started coding in web3 at the beginning of 2021 when I left my job, working on side-projects alone or with some friends and doing open-source.

In July 2021, I was a volunteer at the EthCC [4] in Paris. I really liked the spirit, the people and the projects there, and it made me want to devote my work to that innovating space.

I continued to learn web3 and some Solidity, published a npm package called ether-gui that generates customizable React UIs for smart contracts, and also published a small web3 site called cryptorequest.finance that allows people to create/use crypto tipping and payment links. With that web3 portfolio in hand, I started to seriously apply to web3 job offers and found Inverse Finance on cryptojobslist.com

What attracted you to apply for the position at Inverse Finance?

What mainly attracted me about Inverse is the innovative products offered that are unseen elsewhere. The tech that is used is what I’m already familiar with and love like NextJS/TypeScript. I love the fact that Inverse Finance is not a company but a DAO (feels like being in the future already!),

I admire the work philosophy, the fact that it’s open-source, and of course the amazing team, notably Nour, who has a unique vision and knows how to think outside of the box. This is essential to prevail in the long run in this new industry. Talking with him during my interview really confirmed tome that it’s the right project to join.

Would you be able to explain briefly what your role in Inverse Finance will involve?

My role will focus on the front-end and the server-less APIs. It will mostly involve adding and updating features, working closely with the Solidity devs, continuously improving the UX/UI, checking the support discord channel, fixing bugs, maintaining and improving the tech stack, and adding automated tests, etc.

What do you think DeFi could look like in the future?

This is hard to tell. It’s evolving at such a high speed, but for sure there will be new kind of products never seen before, more L2s as primary execution layers for dapps but also more cross-chain interoperability. 2022 might be the year where L0s will really start to shine. Games relying on blockchain features and the so called metaverses will also be huge in the coming years.

What are your hobbies outside of crypto?

Outside of crypto and development, my main interests are traveling, hiking, cinema, reading, restaurants and bars, video games, and just spending time with friends and family.

Drawing from your experience in DeFi, do you have any initial ideas to improve the products or user experience at inverse finance?

We could improve UX/UI by using some libraries like web3modal, which handles connections via a nice customizable modal. We are also considering using tools from Blocknative.

Right now one of our upcoming priorities regarding UX/UI will be to add visual feedback regarding transactions being made and their statuses. In most cases it should include a closable notification-like box (“toasts”) showing in one corner of the screen with the status and an Etherscan link.

Is there a chain that you would personally like to see Inverse Finance expand to?

Right now, Fantom seems like the more natural option because of our partnerships within this network. Other than that, I would consider Polygon and Arbitrum, with Polygon being the main L2/sidechain I have personally used so far.

What is a personal goal that you would like to accomplish?

Build something meaningful and impactful that people are happy to use and share about.

If you want to learn more, you can follow Massis here. We hope you look forward to the next interview!

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