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Our new FiRM markets have seen a market uptick in TVL and we’re happy to report that we have crossed $30MM collateral deposited and 10MM DOLA concurrently loaned!

Nour's tweet  - FiRM $30MM TVL

The CRV and cvxCRV and gOHM markets all see strong borrow demand which has pushed the DBR burn rate to over 4,3MM DBR or ca $345k yearly. This rapid increase in borrowing activity had the DBR price shoot up as high as $0.1 and it now hovers around $0.08. This shows that there is demand for FiRM’s fixed rates but it also makes it more expensive to borrow, which is why the Fed Chair increased DBR streaming to INV stakers. INV stakers now receive 24.37% DBR and 26.42% INV in rewards. Lovely to see the legos click into place!

DBR-INV value flow

Real Yield

INV stakers have been receiving anti-dilution rewards for the past year and with the launch of DBR Streaming we added another layer of yield in the form of DBR issuance that goes straight to stakers. The DBR issuance rate is set by the Fed Chair and relates to borrow demand on FiRM. As you may guess, it has increased rapidly to keep pace with DBR burning by new borrowers on FiRM and it is now at 24.37% as mentioned above. 

DBR burn increase june 23

Although DBR Streaming is not a dividend, it takes INV stakers from staying in parity with INV issuance to having real yield. But there is more to come, here is a taste from the blog:

“DBR rewards also enable other innovations not possible with DOLA. For example, it will soon be possible to directly claim and swap your DBR or claim and repay part of your loan in just a single transaction…“

DOLA Strategist competition v1 blog hero

DOLA Strategist Competition

The Community Working Group just launched the DOLA Strategist Competition, open for all DOLA farmers. Create a strategy and compete for 100 DOLA or hang out and discuss the strategies on the community Discord forum. Let’s bring our heads together and learn from each other, create that place to go when you’re curious about how to navigate the latest opportunities.


The Analytics Working Group has improved our Inverse Alerts Twitter bot to include important activity in the @InverseFinance ecosystem. Follow Inverse Alerts on Twitter for the latest on chain events.

AWG has been collaborating with the Risk Working Group to further improve the tooling available to the DAO. Read a deeper dive in the blog post:

“However, the DeFi ecosystem is not without risks, as the market is highly volatile and prone to hacks, scams, and exploits. To manage these risks, DeFi protocols have been developing robust tools and models to assess and manage risks effectively. In this context, Inverse Finance Analytics & Risk Working Groups have developed a comprehensive asset scoring model to evaluate token risk before adding them to its fixed-rate lending market, FiRM.”


A couple of new ve3,3 DEXes have given Inverse Finance DAO voting rights on their platforms and opened up liquidity pools for DOLA. 

  • MagicFox recently set up DOLA pools on BNB Chain.

  • Pearl DEX on Polygon chain with a DOLA-USDR pool.

  • Tangible on Polygon tokenizes real world assets and they have a jointly incentivized DOLA/wUSDR pool on Thena on BNB Chain.

Looking Ahead - Season 1

We have irons in the works and plans to prioritize when looking across the horizon. Here are some of the catalysts we are hoping to bring about in the upcoming Season 1. The core contributors have been collaborating with R3gen to improve our internal processes and the DAO vote for a 6 month outlook called Season 1 is the culmination of that effort. 

We welcome input from the community on the forum and as a holder or staker of 50+ INV, you will find private Discord channels for INV holders after logging into our guild. Here are some topics of discussion in the Season 1 debate:

  • Improved financial and WG reporting and transparency with Season 1.

  • OTC sale of DBR to pay down bad debt

  • yCRV as collateral on FiRM

  • FiRM on Optimism

  • OP as collateral on FiRM

  • VELO as collateral on FiRM

  • Borrowing re-enabled for INV

  • Accelerated Leverage Engine in FiRM

  • Increased DBR streaming rewards

  • New DEX partners

Join the conversation!

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