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We’ve put together a helpful explainer video that explains how DOLA, our flagship product, operates. Stablecoins aren’t all made the same, they can be very different under the hood. DOLA is distinct and this video gives an introduction to what sets it apart.

Learn about:

  • The DOLA Feds, issuance and contraction

  • DOLA in lending markets

  • DOLA liquidity operations

  • Price peg management

This video is the third in a series of explainer videos from the Community Working Group intending to educate our users and anyone who takes an interest in DOLA and Inverse Finance.

Feel free to drop in to the community and ask questions on our Discord server. You can find more detailed information in our docs and here are links to a more general FiRM & DBR explainer and to the How To Borrow In FiRM explainer. 

Docs - Github - Discord - Twitter - Forum


Community Working Group

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