How to Farm DOLA Incentives Today Using Curve & Yearn


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This week, Inverse Finance entered the Curve Wars, marking our first steps to a broader liquidity strategy for Inverse. DOLA, our fully collateralized stablecoin, can be borrowed in several money markets and thanks to some novel strategies by our team, DOLA holders can enjoy the highest returns to-date by deploying their DOLA with these new strategies.

This article will go over some new strategies that you can use today to farm rewards through Inverse’s new incentives.

Yield Farming On Curve

Interest is not the only path for generating yield on your stablecoin portfolio. By committing your stablecoins to liquidity pools, like Curve, you earn a percentage of swap fees when other users are swapping their stablecoins.. This is where Curve — a massive stablecoin decentralized exchange — comes in.

Today, you can deposit DOLA in the DOLA-3POOL factory and receive an APY of 72.87% thanks to inventives being provided by Inverse. You can deposit any of the stablecoins available in the DOLA-3Pool (DOLA, DAI, USDC, USDT). After you deposit your stablecoins, you will receive DOLA-3Pool LP tokens which you can now use for various Farming strategies. We will highlight a few of these strategies here.

The DOLA-3Pool is already seeing significant interest with $2.4MM DOLA supplied in less than 24 hours with a total of $15 million DOLA in that pool so far.

Farming DOLA-3POOL on Yearn

Want more rewards? You can put your DOLA-3POOL tokens to work. By depositing in the Yearn DOLA vault, you can receive an additional 52.03% return as Yearn deploys your tokens in their Convex strategy, harvesting additional rewards from Curve bribes. You can deposit your tokens here.

Farming DOLA with Other Assets

DOLA borrowing is currently enabled on Fuse Pools 62224127, as well as Scream on Fantom. With these pools, you will be able to borrow DOLA at low borrowing rates against a variety of assets.

Adding leverage to your DOLA strategy is something to approach with caution, but even without leverage the Curve + Yearn strategies currently yield 124.9%.

OK So Now What?

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Head of Growth

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