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With the recent re-opening of Inverse’s Frontier money market (formerly known as Anchor), we are continuing the rollout of new yield-bearing assets with the addition of yvWETH, yvYFI, and yvcrvCVXETH today.

Added in collaboration with the team at Yearn Finance, you can supply these new assets as collateral on Frontier and borrow DOLA against them.

What is Frontier?

Frontier is our positive-sum money market protocol that facilitates DOLA borrowing against a range of yield-bearing assets including our INV governance token. And soon, Frontier will offer fresh INV rewards to stakers resulting in even greater APY boosts.

What are Yield Bearing Assets?

Yield Bearing Assets are tokens that are already generating yield for you. For example, let’s say you deposit WETH in Yearn Finance’s yield generating vaults. Yearn deploys your WETH for you in a series of strategies including Inverse-partners Lido Finance and Curve as well as Balancer, Tokemak, and 88mph. When you deposit, you receive a receipt token (yvWETH) that represents your position in that Yearn vault. This receipt token is then deposited in Frontier where you can borrow DOLA and – soon – earn even more rewards. 

New Markets for WBTC and ETH

In addition to more Yearn assets, we are adding new markets for WBTC and ETH. These markets are separate from assets affected by the April 2nd price manipulation incident which have been moved to a special section of Frontier and are part of our Inverse Finance make-good for those users.

Both WBTC and ETH are popular with our community and we wanted to bring these back up as soon as practical.

Miss Our Spaces Event?

To commemorate the re-opening of Inverse Frontier, the Community Working Group held a Twitter Spaces event with Nour and discussed the success of the new Yearn Fed, the benefits of adding these yield-bearing assets to Frontier, the systems in place that help stabilize the DOLA peg, and more. You can listen to the full recordings here:


We will be adding additional assets to Frontier in the near future and would love to hear from you. Come join us in the Inverse discord to just look around or get involved!


Head of Growth

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