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Starting during next week, you can claim the DBR airdrop until the 23rd of November! The airdrop is open to INV stakers as well as others who qualify via our raffle - just collect points to improve your chances! The 300 raffle winners will be able to claim the airdrop. 

There are two ways to get the airdrop: 

  1. Stake INV.  If you staked the INV governance token in our legacy app, Frontier,  on the 30th of October 2022, you automatically qualify. INV stakers can mint an NFT that makes you eligible to claim 2,000 DBR.

  2. Raffle. If you did not stake INV and completed THIS raffle form to get points to claim an airdrop of up to 1,000 DBR!

FiRM lets you borrow our DOLA stablecoin in an entirely new way, yet a large part of the familiar experience from over-collateralized and decentralized finance will persist. Your initial collateral option will be WETH and after you deposit, you can borrow slightly less DOLA than the WETH you deposited, in USD terms.

Current DeFi lending markets present a set of risks since you as a depositor lend out your collateral to other blockchain users. FiRM does not use your collateral for secondary purposes. Will that not compromise our composability, one may ask? It turns out that FiRM launches with a new solution for collateral separation called Personal Collateral Escrow, and it offers a flexibility unseen in DeFi thus far. This is where innovation steps in:

  • No variable interest rates to keep track of! To borrow, you pay a fixed rate in the DBR token - 1,000 $DBR gives you the right to borrow 1,000 DOLA for one year.

  • Any collateral that you deposit is kept separate from anyone else’s or Inverse Finance DAO. Your collateral is not co-mingled with the collateral of other users. 

  • Your collateral is not lent to 3rd parties.

  • PCE’s can let you use governance tokens as collateral while retaining their voting power

Check our Twitter and Discord for more updates. The FiRM proposal has gone through a bug bounty contest on Code4Arena and the proposal to launch FiRM, DBR and the airdrop and raffle will be ratified by a INV governance vote shortly. 

The DBR airdrop will be claimable soon via our website inverse.finance for eligible users. 

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