DOLA Borrowing On BadgerDAO Fuse Pool 22 Now Available


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DOLA For Badgers

Today we opened a new DOLA lending facility on Rari’s Fuse Pool 22, managed by our friends at BadgerDAO. Holders of BadgerDAO assets like ibBTCBADGER, and others can now borrow DOLA at some of the lowest rates among decentralized stablecoins.

This is the first of a series of efforts with BadgerDAO to bring new value to our communities and it builds on our already-successful efforts with @Tetranode on Fuse Pool 6 where already over $16 million in DOLA loans are currently active.

BadgerDAO 101

BadgerDAO is best known for championing the cause of bringing Bitcoin into the world of DeFi and providing DeFi investors with better options for using BTC as collateral for borrowing. ibBTC — or “interest bearing Bitcoin — is Badger’s index of Bitcoin-pegged assets including wBTC, renBTC, sBTC, and tBTC. DIGG is their synthetic version of Bitcoin and BADGER is their governance token. All of these are available as part of vault strategies on https://badger.com/ and today total TVL is over $843 million.

How to Borrow DOLA On Fuse Pool 22

  1. Visit Fuse Pool 22 and deposit collateral or enable borrowing on collateral you’ve already deposited.

  2. Find DOLA on the list of available currencies.

  3. Initiate Your DOLA Loan. Based on the loan-to-value (LTV) of the asset being used as collateral, you’ll be prompted to indicate the amount of DOLA you wish to borrow.

  4. Implement your DeFi Strategy Using DOLA

    • Swap DOLA for other assets

    • Stake DOLA for rewards on Fuse Pool 127

    • Buy more of your collateral, deposit and repeat to leverage long Bond to get INV at a discount

    • Deposit DOLA in curve DOLA-3Pool, use it as collateral in Anchor and earn 10%

    • Bridge to Fantom and earn even higher yield on Yearn, Beefy, and Tetu.

Positive Sum Badger

We are in the early stages of partnership discussions with BadgerDAO and Fuse Pool 22 is a straightforward starting point for both DAO’s. Badger’s Rari pool is already active and Inverse is already lending DOLA on Fuse Pool 6, so it resulted in an easy governance vote for the Inverse DAO. This launch also adds to Inverse’s portfolio of DOLA lending facilities — what we call DOLA Feds — across many lending partners and across many chains to reach this year’s objective of $1 billion in DOLA circulation and ultimately returning DOLA back to xINV stakers as part of the Positive-Sum DeFi vision that kicked off with our launch of Inverse Plus just weeks ago.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


Head of Growth

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