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"Come Up With A Way Better DOLA Logo," They Demanded


Head of Growth


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We are preparing to announce new products (exciting stuff - truly) and to accompany all the construction there is a burst of design activity within the DAO beyond what we normally create. 

One overdue and important design deliverable is our new DOLA logo.

Part homage to other crypto projects we admire, part connection to upcoming brand identity changes, and part the result of a consensus reached in “true” DAO tradition. This effort kicked off nearly one year ago (yes, one year) when contributors in the DAO noticed that the DOLA logo more reflected the then-name of our since-renamed money market, Anchor. (Now known as Frontier). Here’s the old DOLA logo:

Marketing a DOLA stablecoin logo that was synonymous with a different product – in this case, a lending app –  was something we all agreed needed to be fixed. 

So in true DAO fashion, we got the process rolling by consensus and managed the process with abundant flexibility, open-mindedness, and  … consensus! We are extremely pleased with the winning logo but in the category of “key learnings from all this logo stuff,” this process took much longer than expected and would have been dealt with more effectively by delegating greater authority in the process to a single, experienced outside designer or agency.  Passionate contributors are treasured at Inverse but passionate voices can also lead to the need for “tie-breakers” and Discord voting, well, it doesn’t always get the job done.

Regardless, please join us in celebrating our new DOLA logo, and huge thanks to all the Inverse Finance DAO contributors who participated in this process. 



Head of Growth

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